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MrJanGear Bergrisar Trolley Large

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The Bergrisar is two things: big and small. We know, it sounds contradictory but there is no hidden trick.

For travelling the world you need storage. 3 Minutes on an airfield shows you that suitcases on wheels are the way to go.  Nevertheless, the max weight on most airlines is 23 kilo, so you have to be picky and a suitcase of 4 to 5 kilo is not of any help – it’s dead weight. And in the hotel room, it is just big. Even bigger if you have shared accommodation on a ship.

We love duffles because they seem to capable of containing everything you will ever need on your trip. And they are relatively lightweight and small when emptied. But we could not find a duffle that is big enough, light enough and has wheels. No frame, hardshell or collapsible handlebar: just wheels.

So that’s why we invented this big Wheeled Duffle and call it Bergrisar – king of the trolls or king of the trolleys as we like to put it. The L size weighs only 1.2 kilos and can contain more than 80 litres of whatever you want. The 1000 denier Cordura is virtually indestructible and the YKK 10 zipper is of equal quality. The XL offers 125-liter stowing room and weight a bit over 2 kilo

The Bergisar will be delivered in a nylon sack for storage but on the road, it doubles as a bag for laundry. At least that’s what we use it for.

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