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MrJanGear Lens Carrier System - Zwart

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The Lens Carrier is a very simple piece of equipment for carrying a long lens comfortably when walking longer distances.

It was originally invented by a Frenchman and now we were asked to enhance it. So we did: the Lens Carrier is lightweight, it will allow you to carry your long lens right at hand, and your hands are free to grab your binoculars, check your location on the mobile, to change your memory card or scratch your head. Or just walk easier.

NEW: Quick improvements are one of our strong points. We have got a lot of questions for the carrier to be used as a ‘stand-alone’ system, to be used without a rucksack. So we added a simple solution to the package and reworked the carrier.

"For those wondering if the lens and camera will stay put: yes, they do. We tested it running, jumping, climbing and dancing, and are confident that everything is (and will stay) in place. We’ve witnessed a swing-head with a 600mm lens and a camera body come loose from the tripod and head for impact while carried over the shoulder. That won’t happen with the Lens Carrier."

The Lens Carrier clips easily to the webbing at the shoulder straps of almost every pack. The front pocket can be used for binoculars, a point-‘n-shoot camera or the mobile phone for example. When not in use, it can be folded flat.

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