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MrJanGear Rain Cover Camouflage

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Rain covers for your telelens are not a luxury. Even if your lens is ‘weather sealed’ there is always water and dirt trying to enter the systems. So we made this affordable and simple lens-cover for bad conditions. Not only rain and snow but also salt-spray and sand will be kept outside.

MrJanGear rain covers

Rain-covers are not the thing we made for the average sunny-day-photographer. It is not about camouflage, it’s not about looking good and professional. It is mainly a simple and functional way of protecting your gear when bad weather is coming for you. Like your own rainwear. And why spending so much money on equipment without taking care of the protection of it?

We made it simple because we do always want to make things that last. Simple things last. The cover is available in 4 sizes covering every lens from 70-200mm up to the hefty Canon 800mm.

We don’t offer handcuffs, transparent windows, extension bellows or other frills. The rain-covers are made in one piece so we could give it a sleek and seamless design with an elasticated front which keeps the cover stay put and a long velcro slit to give room to the lens-foot. The backside is covering the camera and can be closed with a drawstring.

There is a small stuff-sack sewed in the seam for storage when not in use.

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