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MrJanGear Rise Trip Pack

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Officially it is called the Rise & Shine: Wake up and grab your gear.

We took some time to find out what we were looking for in a smaller pack. There is plenty of choice in this area of 20-litre backpacks. And how could we manage to give it all of our key features without making just a baby brother for our big packs?
We ended up with the design of a roomy daypack, fully padded to protect your photographic equipment but not meant to be a photo backpack pur-sang. It would be nice to use it for commuting to your work, carrying your paperwork, laptop and lunch. Or take it for a short walk with your camera, and jacket, a small tripod and a healthy meal. We found an 18-litre design serving our needs – a kind of one-size-fits-all – that we think of as the golden ratio for a daypack.

Of course, the pack is opening on the back-side to keep the carrying system clean. A small (and removable) waistbelt/strap is keeping things in place when bending over or biking a bumpy road.

We produce the Rise in three bright colours: black, orange and blue, tough and waterproof 600 denier oxford polyester. Every pack comes with a set of dividers, a set of velcro pouches and a rain cover with a retro-reflecting logo for extra safety on the road. The set of straps can be used to attach your jacket or tripod to the outside, using the laser-cut slits. Lasercutting and laminating makes the packs more waterproof than stitches and gives the bags their distinctively clean look.

All our packs are built by hand in our Slovakian factory by our very experienced staff (you can check who built your pack on the label inside), double-checked and packed in a nice black fabric bag for storage, ready to get shipped.

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