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Shimoda Toploader - Black - 520-114

Artikelnummer: 520-114
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The Shimoda toploader is the ultimate photographer’s accessory bag. It fits a mirrorless or non-gripped DSLR camera with a mounted mid-size zoom (24-70mm 2.8) or it can be extended to accommodate a mounted 70-200 2.8 lens. The bag is made from the same highly durable and water-resistant resin-coated nylon as our backpacks. You can carry the Shimoda Toploader four different ways:

  • Via the included shoulder strap
  • Mounted to your chest with additional Accessory Straps
  • Attached to the waist belt of a Shimoda pack while the bag is being worn
  • Attached to the waist belt worn independently of a Shimoda pack
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